Anisotropic Surface Remeshing without Obtuse Angles

Pacific Graphics 2019

Qun-Ce Xu1

Dong-Ming Yan2

Wenbin Li1

Yong-Liang Yang1

1University of Bath, UK 2NLPR, Institute of Automation, CAS, China


We present a novel anisotropic surface remeshing method that can efficiently eliminate obtuse angles. Unlike previous work that can only suppress obtuse angles with expensive resampling and Lloyd-type iterations, our method relies on a simple yet efficient connectivity and geometry refinement, which can not only remove all the obtuse angles, but also preserves the original mesh connectivity as much as possible. Our method can be directly used as a post-processing step for anisotropic meshes generated from existing algorithms to improve mesh quality. We evaluate our method by testing on a variety of meshes with different geometry and topology, and comparing with representative prior work. The results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach.


Overview of our method which has two major stages, including connectivity optimization and geometry optimization. From left to right: the input anisotropic mesh generated with normal lifting weight 0.1, the intermediate mesh after connectivity optimization, the final output mesh with all obtuse angles (highlighted in blue) eliminated.
Our results on various anisotropic meshes generated by normal lifting (with fixed lifting weight w = 0.1). Top row: the input anisotropic meshes with obtuse angles highlighted in blue. Bottom row: the output of our method with all obtuse angles removed.



This work is partially funded by CAMERA, the RCUK Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (EP/M023281/1), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61772523), and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation (L182059).


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